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Idea that I propagated and expanded awareness of chemistry I paradoxically got on relatively tedious hours of inorganic chemistry . Can you believe how many years is our education capable unsuccessfully teaching nomenclature in primary and secondary schools?

Chemistry may not be boring

A little while would be enough and how much it would change! I'm not talking about the daily attempts circus, but the occasional fit bore vivid interpretation of the experiment. An illustrative and intriguing at the same time. Just such experiments for various příležtostem you can find.

Ceased to entertain you change the color contents of the tube and want to move on? Not a problem! In various articles here you can find a thousand ways to relax (eg light thermite piece chemikáře :-)). If you want to pay pyrotechnics further and deeper, try the technical forums. I run a practical chemistry, but despite attempts'm fairly introverted (endothermic) ...

Pyrotechnics is a beautiful field of study, which I'm sure you will eat you up and liberal education. Prior to any testing instructions I recommend thoroughly study existing literature. If you have some pyrotechnic uncle, I suggest you contact him. Sharing of experience, skills and procedures among themselves is by far most effective.

I hope that these few You no- /fatty rows pulled them up to read (and maybe testing). Any questions about head to the address info@uranit.czIt is, like you I will answer (if they are not completely stupid : -) ). Well, have fun!

And last but not least: Be careful when working observe safety rules and make sure that everything is at your own risk, all experiments were carried out successfully and I still live, but I can not be responsible for someone's inhefty hands :D