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Lightning mixture - Flash: composition and production

Flash or lightning mixture consisting of oxidation and reduction component. After initiation most flame occurs exothermic reaction to produce large amounts of heat and light. Flash are frequently confused with termites (a mixture of powdered metal and oxide). In most cases the emitted radiation of the visible light (600-700 nm). In some cases, typically oslepovací mixture for military purposes, the amount of radiation in the UV range, and may cause damage to eyes. It is therefore not advisable to try new mixtures at night without protective gear (sun glasses, welding helmets).

The basic mixture

Chemicals amount (g)
potassium permanganate 10
Mg powder 15

Sulfide antimony sulfide can replace bismuth

Chemicals amount (g)
Al dust 20
Antimony sulfide 15
potassium chlorate 65

Thiocyanate, copper and potassium chlorate

This compound is sensitive to mechanical stimuli, but the reaction is sufficiently exothermic and fast. I use it with a combination modem when iodine pellets vaporize in an instant and create the effect of "mushroom cloud".Once I tried it at a cottage near the road, the wind blew a cloud of iodine covered road just when the car passed. Poor driver stopped and did not know what hit them.

Chemicals Vol.%
rhodanide Copper - Cu (SCN) 2 50
potassium chlorate 50

No classic flash. 9

Suitable firecrackers or in combination with balls of aluminum foil in ball bombs

Chemicals Quantity
Al dust 20
potassium permanganate 65-60
With the dust 15-20

Perchlorate flash

Aluminum must be in the form of powder (preferably pyrotechnic), otherwise it reacts badly.

Chemicals amount (g)
potassium perchlorate 66%
Al pyrotechnic 34.
Deflagration flash 1 Deflagration Flash 2 Deflagration Flash 3 Deflagration flash 4

Incendiary compound containing aluminum

Chemicals amount (g)
saltpeter 65
Al 26
charcoal 9

Incendiary compound perchlorate, magnesium

Chemicals amount (g)
potassium perchlorate 50
Mg 50

Fireball are effective pyrotechnic composition used in the film to evoke an impressive explosion (not like burst of C4-ky really not looking at Real :-)). The base is firreballu fuel - typically gasoline, ethanol, etc.. Sometimes it is also used as oil (difficulty ignites) and other organic liquids. Another essential part of ignoring (spark ignition cloud areosolu) is nejky cartridges Ktera disperse and ignite flammable material - typically used with any type of flash (KP / Al ....) sometimes added and oxidant.

I will not deal Fireball gasoline ... It is on the net a lot and relatively good quality.

On Pyroforum I stumbled on "Fireball Color" and it caught my attention. Visual and textual documentation I learned from Derick THX.

The principle of flame color and design Fireballs is probably already quite clear, so here only a brief description:

The entire reaction mechanism involves fairly good solubility of certain metal chlorides in metylakoholu.

The advantage of using methanol (MeOH hereinafter) is its color-neutral flame and also price. Equally, it would go in the application and use ethanol or isopropanol, but the fact that with increasing alcohol molecule increases in proportion to its price. The only major drawback is the toxicity of MeOH, which places greater demands on the handling, safety, hygiene and work experience in handling poisons. It is strongly warn against the effects of MeOH on the body - it is a dangerous poison cell, irreversibly damaging many important organs incl. vision. Maybe my warning will come some hazardérům like an exaggeration, but the danger of serious damage to health is real and it is therefore necessary not to underestimate him. Especially in relation to the number with which to prepare a decent Fireballs works of tens of liters (!) Is cautious and use of personal protective equipment over the place.

The optimal showed a 4% solution of salts in methanol (1%-ing the color effect was not as pronounced).

A special feature is then used boric acid, which, when dissolved, and add a tiny amount of H2SO4 in a solution created with MeOH methyl ester, which allows better when burning to reduced boron flame color to a nice emerald color.

Burning - samples

  1. SrCl2.6H2O 1%
  2. LiCl.xH2O 1%
  3. CuCl2.2H2O 1%
  4. H3BO3 1% + small amount of H2SO4
Colored Fireball 1

The firing standard 50 g were used cartridges for flash-based CP / Al in a paper sleeve, placed under the canister.

Salt solutions

  1. LiCl.xH2O 4%
  2. LiCl.xH2O 3% + 1% CuCl2.2H2O
  3. SrCl2.6H2O 4%
  4. CuCl2.2H2O 4%
Fireball Color 2

The firing cartridges 15 g were used for flash-based CP / Al in a paper sleeve, placed under PET bottles.

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