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Metal chameleon

   Tools: 100 ml conical flask, stopper with Bunsenovýrn valve (incised longitudinally rubber tube, which is an increase of internal pressure deforms and releases excess volume of gas)

       Chemicals: Ammonium vanadate, sulfuric acid, zinc granules, zinc powder     

           Procedure: in the conical flask of 100 ml Dissolve 0.2 g of ammonium vanadate in 40 ml of 5% sulfuric acid. To add a solution of zinc granules, gently shake flask and observe whether in it there is a color change. Once the first change, add to the flask and 1 g of zinc powder flask stopper with a Bunsen valve. Mix in a flask vigorously and observe color changes.         

               The gradual reduction in 5 + to the V 2 + zinc sulphate produced colored vanadium. NH 4 VO 3 , (VO) SO 4 and V 2 (SO 4 ) 3 and the VSO 4 - yellow, blue, green, purple             


                  Ammonium vanadate is typically unavailable chemicals. In a strongly acidic pH of 0-1 in the solution present polyvanadičnany having intensely red.                 

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