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HC smoke grenade - production and composition

Perchlorethylene white

This smoke bomb is difficult to ignite, but the result is worth it. As an igniter mixture I witnessed termite aluminum + iron oxide.

Chemicals Quantity %
Al dust 8
ZnO (zinc oxide) 45.6
perchlorethylene 46.4

Hexachlorethane white

Chemicals Quantity %
Zn dust 44.
MgO 3
hexachloroethane 53.

Hexachlorethane containing calcium silicide

Reacting calcium silicide with hexachloro ethane arises silicon tetrachloride, which provides exposure to atmospheric moisture fume silica.

Chemicals Quantity %
Hexachloroethane 44
ZnO 45
calcium silicide 10

Hexachlorethane with potassium chlorate

Chemicals Quantity %
hexachloroethane 30
Zn 38
potassium chlorate 29
charcoal 3

Tetrachlormethane with natrium chlorate

Chlorate facilitates the oxidation of carbon generated, it follows that the smoke is significantly whiter. infusirová clay (diatomaceous earth) is added to absorb carbon tetrachloride. If the mixture does not contain carbon tetrachloride diatomaceous earth is not needed.

Chemicals Quantity %
carbon tetrachloride 40
Zn 34
sodium chlorate 14
ammonium chloride 9
diatomaceous earth (diatomite) 3

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