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Nitrogen triiodide

   Nitrogen triiodide common names jododusík is very unstable substance, which in the dry state at a mere touch explodes. But how! That's the joke - a weak explosive strength, so do not worry about outbound leg, until her work in the open area (developing gas must have a place to escape). It is a black crystalline material that is wet completely harmless. The ideal time to its set is just right for production.


   For this recipe you will need:
1 g iodine
25 ml of 25% ammonia water

Iodine beaker or test tube and pour ammonia water. A clot is formed by the filter off. Wash small amount of water and damp, apply to where you want to surprise someone: D

Before someone will berate me as I am a terrorist, I would like to see how safe it is. At our school we had a wacky little man who often passed the time just so that spotted nitrogen triiodide the most sophisticated places - mostly on the floor, because jododusík the "explosion" dyed purple and leaves unsightly stains. It was then that I learned to avoid stepping on the threshold, and during the exam period or not to interfere with the department :D

I can not forgive: At your own risk! If you want to try it, no problem, production nitrogen triiodide a bit, let it dry and tap a pencil ... You'll know why I think it's so great :-)

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