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Preparation of potassium chlorate

Current industrial production is potassium chlorate electrolysis decomposition of potassium chloride. Keeping KCl melt but somehow it is not technologically possible in the lab and against the mosque to choose an alternative method.

170 g KOH dissolved in a conical flask of 1 liter minimum amount of warm water 90-100 ml. Heat the flask in a boiling water bath and a solution of introducing chlorine using glass tubes (for better absorption of chlorine can use a tube ending in a frit) until liquid taint Phenolphthalein paper. After cooling the solution is evaporated to disturbed crystallization. The crystals sucked on a Buchner funnel and washed with a little ice water. The reconstituted preparation recrystallized from the minimum amount of hot water.

   Potassium chlorate is widely used in pyrotechnics (surprisingly) and finds particular application in production of thermal decomposition of potassium perchlorate .


chlorečnan draselný
potassium chlorate
Vzorec chlorečnanu draselného, kclo3 - příprava
R9, R22, R51/53, S2, S13, S16, S27, S61

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