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Preparation of potassium perchlorate thermal decomposition of potassium chlorate

50 g of potassium chlorate heated in a ceramic crucible 30 minutes at 370 ° (temperature gradually increase!, the temperature must not exceed 400 ° C, the decomposition of perchlorate generated on potassium chloride and oxygen!). During melting material solidifies in the crucible (emerging perchlorate and chloride have higher melting point than the chlorate). Then let the melt to cool and vyloužíme approximately 3 volumes of boiling water, the solution filtered hot, cooled to 0 ° C and the crystals are sucked.

4KClO3 --> 3KClO4 + KCl

      This reaction takes place simultaneously with the formation of perchlorate, and reduces the yield resulting perchlorate:

2KClO3 --> 2KCl + 3O2

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