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Beads in a beaker

   Tools: beaker, dropper

       Chemicals: copper sulfate, sugar, salt, red blood     


          Procedure: into the beaker very dilute solution of copper sulfate. To the solution, put a drop of sugar solution which contains a small amount of red blood salts. The droplet wraps brown coating that extends into various shapes.         


             On the surface creates cupric ferrocyanide as semipermeable membrane through which water penetrates into the droplets of concentrated solution of sugar. The membrane is filled to bursting and syrup leaking into the surrounding environment where around it immediately creates a new membrane reaction of copper sulfate with red blood salts. The attempt takes at least one day             

2K3[Fe(CN)6] + 3CuSO4 --> Cu3[Fe(CN)6]2 + 3K2SO4

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