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Sea beads

   Tools: 250 ml beaker

       Chemicals: water glass, manganese sulfate, ferrous sulfate, nickel sulfate, aluminum sulfate, cobalt sulfate, ferric chloride, potassium dichromate     

           Procedure: Pour solution into a beaker of water glass in a ratio of 1:3. To a solution toss a few crystals of the above salts. After 24 hours, carefully navrstvíme clean water, and fibers grow into flowers.         

               Around the crystals formed by reaction with silicate salts insoluble silicate. under the blank is the high concentration of salt, outside this salt is present. semipermeable membrane allows water molecules to diffuse in and reducing the salt concentration. Increasing the volume inside the membrane causing it to rupture, the salt solution is poured and reacts with water glass to an insoluble silicate.             

NaHSiO3 + MeSO4 --> FeSiO3 + NaHSO4

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