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  • Color Purity Measurements of Pyrotechnic Star Traditional Formulas: BV Ingram, Journal of Pyrotechnics, Issue 17, Summer 2003
  • Secret chemistry: I. Klimes
  • Inorganic Chemistry I, II: H. Remy
  • Fundamentals of preparative organic chemistry: L. Wichterle, L. Hudlicky
  • Practical organic chemistry: AI Vogel
  • Inorganic Preparations, A Laboratory Manual: HF Walton
  • Chemistry of Pyrotechnics: JA Conkling
  • Fundamentals of fireworks: AA Šidlovkij
  • Instructions for laboratory exercises of preparative inorganic chemistry: Roman Strahl, Jan Neiser
  • Less explosive known: Marcel Hanus
  • Recipe chemical-technical: Volvox Globator
  • Magic experiments in chemistry: Mgr. Miloslav Straka
  • CAS
  • Sci-Finder
  • How do chemistry experiments: M.Jaroš, J.Roneš
  • Experiments without explosions: O.M.Libkin
  • Inorganic preparations and systematic course of experiments: Alexander King, AJEWelch

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A bit trite phrase: Google, Google and Google!

large number of books to be found also on PYROFORU .

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