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Preparation of sodium azide - Stoll way


first Preparation of amyl nitrite


                200 g amyl alcohol mixed with 210 ml 34% HCl in 2000 ml conical flask so merged to a cooled solution after adding parts cooled solution of 157 g NaNO 2 (keeps the temperature at 0-4 ° C). He then let the mixture cool about 4 hours. Then add 400 ml of water and shake the bottom layer containing the product and the top of the aqueous solution of NaCl.                    


Amyl nitrite is a yellow oil, insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol. Boils at 94-97 ° C, its density is 0.902 g cm -3 . Couples amyl nitrite cause headaches.                     

second Preparation of sodium azide Stolleho way


        33 g Hydrazine sulphate after 5 hours stirred with 62 g of NaOH (half the stoichiometric amount) and 270 ml of water (laboratoni temperature). Then pour 4 liters of ethanol, 200 g of amyl nitrite, and add 62 g NaOH (second half). The entire volume of the mixture is stirred for 40 hours. Then the basic volume of ethanol is distilled off. Amyl alcohol is odestiluje with water vapor and the department is recycled back into the production of amyl nitrite. The remaining liquid contains a mixture of sodium azide and sodium sulphate. Sodium and sodium sulfate are separated on the basis of their different solubilities. Yield: 60-70% of theory      

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