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Preparation of sodium nitrite

   In iron pan heat the 12 g of sodium nitrate until melted. Then carefully add 30 g of granulated lead. Heat the reaction mixture and stir about 30 minutes. When adding a lead shield to protect. The melt of these reactions take place:

2NaNO3 --> 2NaNO2 + O2
2Pb + O2 --> 2PbO
4NaNO3 --> 2Na2O + 4NO + 3O2
Na2O + PbO --> Na2PbO2

After cooling the melt vyloužíme hot water and filtered. Yellow lead oxide process to lead nitrate. To the filtrate containing nitrite and olovnatan introduce 2-3 minutes currents of carbon dioxide, which vysrážíme lead carbonate. The mixture was filtered, the filtrate neutralize few drops of nitric acid, concentrated on a porcelain dish to dryness. The residue přežíhneme in flame of a Bunsen burner.          

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