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Preparation of phosphorus trichloride

7 g of red phosphorus (literature uses both red and white phosphorus) put in a flask (Figure 1) and vytěsníme air stream of dry carbon dioxide.

Phosphorus and the whole apparatus must be completely dry, otherwise it would be the hydrolysis of phosphorus trichloride arising.

then further heat the flask until the walls appear weak raid phosphorus. Then, without interrupting the heating let in inward current of dry chlorine. Do not forget to cool. Caution! When a strong current of chlorine and insufficient cooling releasing phosphorus pentachloride, which reduces the yield of the reaction. We work in a fume hood or outdoors.

2Pn(červený) + 3nCl2 --> 2nPCl3
Retorts, round-bottom flask artwork, chilled water

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