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Preparation of phosphorus pentachloride

prepare phosphorus chloride chlorination of phosphorus dissolved in carbon disulfide. On You can also phosphorus trichloride .

Phosphorus trichloride pour into bňky with a long neck, in which is introduced through the stopper of a glass tube supplying dry chlorine. The tube must end above the surface of phosphorus trichloride. Vychladíme flask and begin to lead the current chlorine dry phosphorus pentoxide. After some time, starting from a liquid gel formed phosphorous pentachloride. The reaction is slow at the end and therefore the reaction mixture from time to time stir.

Introduction of chlorine will terminate if the fluid goes to the dry crystalline mass. After chlorine adsorbed chloride, phosphorus vytěsníme with dry carbon dioxide Stopper the flask and pour paraffin.

Phosphorus pentachloride, PCl5 - equipment, chemicals

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