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Sparklers - manufacture, composition of mixtures

  1. The ingredients gently spoon and stir well. Poorly mixed mixture does not ignite, but will only reek (and certainly do not want). All blends contain dextrin, which causes adhesion composition and prevents it from odrolení wire. Instead dextrin can be used bone glue or adhesive wall covering (containing carboxymethylcellulose).
  2. Well mixed composition into a container and pour dropwise přidáváváme water rod and stir until a thick, semi-liquid slurry.
  3. In the resulting mash soak steel cut wire. Let dry for a while and soak again. Soaking a total of 3 to 6 times, according to mash viscosity and the desired thickness on the wire.
  4. Sparklers dried hanging in the air at 15-40st. over heating, etc.

Note: The most beautiful sparklers Although you can prepare only for the use of chlorate, perchlorate and barium nitrate, but compositions containing nitrates are also nice, so you do not have to use expensive chemicals. Aluminum is used in the form of dust or fine meal.

Chemicals Quantity (%)
saltpeter   63   44.       44.  
potassium perchlorate 40   60       50    
barium chlorate         37.        
strontium nitrate           86      
With the dust   13   12       12  
charcoal   14   25       25  
Those flakes 40                
Al flakes   10 30 19 56   35 19  
Propylguar 2                
shellac         7 14      
dextrin 18 5. 10 5.     15 5.  

Snows and gold sparklers

I - Best sparklers, which can not prepare the so-calledSnowball (snow).All ingredients are finely shredded, add a small amount of water and the mixture was triturated again. Then add more water until a slurry, into which dips iron wire. After removing the drying 2 hours, then again dipped into the mixture. After drying, burning brilliantly white flame to form a beautiful sparks.

II, III - This compound is prepared by shaking in acetone or thinners. Place 4% shellac can be used 10% nitrocelulózového paint and porridge prepared by mixing with a diluent. Drying is much faster (2-4 hours).

IV, V - iron filings to be coated with a corrosion layer of oil or petrolatum. The 100 g of fine iron filings were added 8 g of molten petrolatum and sawdust at 80 ° C. mingle. Instead of sawdust is preferable to use fine iron particles.

Chemicals Quantity (%)
saltpeter 39. 64)              
potassium perchlorate   3 40            
barium nitrate 18   15 52. 50        
With the dust 9.5 18 10            
soot   5              
shellac   4 10            
Al dust 5.5. 6. 15 7.5 7.5        
Al flakes     10            
fine iron filings       25 27        
manganese oxide       3 1.5        
dextrin 9     12 12        
Glucose         2        
charcoal 9.5                
Antimony sulfide 9.5                

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