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Preparation of phosphorus sulfides

Phosphorus we use to prepare phosphorus sulphides, we first wash 5-7% sodium hydroxide. Then, phosphorus and phosphorus decanted water thoroughly dry it (preferably in a desiccator, which is connected to a vacuum).

would-be prepare P 4 S 3 , put in a glass flask with težkotavitelného 8 g of red phosphorus and 5.4 g sulfur flower. Stopper the flask with two tubes the exhaust gas. One of them connect with the source of dry carbon dioxide and other delve into the container with mercury or ends. sulfuric acid. The apparatus vytesníme shock dioxide air and heat up to 100 ° C using a sand bath. Then heat the flask from the side of the narrow flame from a gas burner to start the reaction. The reaction begins to run at about 160 ° C, releasing heat. Temperature of the reaction mixture increases and the resulting compound is partially burned. During the entire reaction apparatus to introduce a low rate of carbon dioxide. After the reaction, let the product cool slowly (interrupt supply of carbon dioxide). After cooling the flask smash product separated from the glass and pulverized in a mortar.

The crude product is transferred into a flask with a reflux condenser to which add distilled carbon disulphide (0.5 g CS 2 for 1 g of crude product). Gently heat the flask (watch fire hazard). The solution was filtered through celite and gently heating the carbon disulfide evaporated (under hood!).

The prepared product contains only small amounts of impurities.

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