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Spontaneously combustible mixture

Mixture I

Tools: alcohol burner, bar, porcelain bowl, beaker, boat

Reagents: potassium permanganate, concentrated sulfuric acid

Procedure: about a quarter of small boats finely minced potassium permanganate pour a small amount of sulfuric acid to form a thick slurry. Apply slurry particle sticks to wick alcohol lamp, which ignited.

2KMnO 4 + H 2 SO 4 -> Mn 2 O 7 + K 2 SO 4 + H 2 O 2mn 2 O 7 -> 4MnO 2 + 14o

Mixture II

Tools: mortar, asbestos net, pipette

Chemicals: zinc powder, ammonium nitrate, ammonium chloride

Procedure: 4 g of zinc powder gently mix well with desiccated and crushed 4 g of ammonium nitrate and 1 g of ammonium chloride. Drops of water set in motion a reaction - beware of violent ignition of the mixture (working on a non-combustible surface.)

It is a catalyzed reaction in which ammonium nitrate decomposes, releasing the heat and zinc powder burns.

Reagents should be dried at 120 ° C and the mixture was thoroughly homogenized. Larger quantities of water the reaction stops.

Mixture III

Tools: mortar, skewers, pipette

Reagents: potassium chlorate, sugar, concentrated sulfuric acid

Procedure: a mixture of 1 g of powdered potassium chlorate, and 1 g of sugar sharp flares flame, I add to it with concentrated sulfuric acid. We provide in a mortar. Chlorate is located on chloride and releases oxygen, which reacts with carbon in sugar.

2KCL 3 -> 2KCl + 3O 2
Chlorečnannový Bengal Fire 1 Chlorečnannový Bengal Fire 2 Chlorečnannový Bengal fire 3

Mixture IV

Tools: mortar, asbestos net, pipette, beaker

Chemicals: iodine, aluminum powder

Procedure: In a mortar spoon 2 g of aluminum powder previously dried at 120 ° C with 3 g of iodine. To the mixture to a net asbestos Put a few drops of water. The mixture is a moment ignite and burn rapidly.

Resulting heat of reaction of iodine in the form of vapor escapes into the atmosphere.

3I 2 + 2Al -> 2AlI 3

Friction iodine with aluminum is made in a completely dry mortar - přikapáváme only 2-3 drops of water! Powdered aluminum can replace stříbřenky. This is catalysed reaction - the catalyst is H 2 O. Instead of aluminum can also be use magnesium or zinc

Mixture V

Reagents: potassium permanganate glycerine

Procedure: Sprinkle a pinch of minced permanganate on the mat and add a few drops of glycerin

Probably the most famous and also the easiest to blend. After addition of glycerol occurs induction time 20-50 seconds (usually around 30 seconds).The mixture will burn for the development of large quantities of smoke. Better effect than the actual mixing substances Potassium wrap in toilet paper and create a bullet diameter of 3-8 mm. On a non-flammable surface (several layers of aluminum foil ...) Put a few drops of glycerin and formed ball with permanganate to put it ... Very imponujícího effect can be achieved by combining the permanganate gun cotton or blends FLASH No.9

Mixture VI

Chemicals: hydrogen peroxide tablets (solid peroxide), sodium dithionite (in bleach rainbow)

Procedure: Lay a piece of foil 2 tablets of solid hydrogen peroxide and sprinkle them roughly double its volume amounts of sodium dithionite. Wrap 3 layers of aluminum foil into a tightly umačkáme into a spherical shape.

The mixture must be tightly in foil umačkat. Stronger impact on the ground, the mixture ignites and starts to reek densely white. In a globe can also drill 3 holes in the area where the peroxide and throw it into the water.After a while, the mixture ignites and starts to reek.

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