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Summary of explosives, firearms and lightning mixtures


70% KNO3, 15% sulfur, 15% Charcoal
75% KNO3, 10% sulfur, 15% Charcoal
60% KMnO4, 20% sulfur, 20% Charcoal

first crush everything separately and pomelene. Then mix. Register mixture boil with water (about 65% by weight of composition) until the water evaporates, or used directly.


60% of KMnO4, 20% sulfur, 20% aluminum
25% of KMnO4, 10% sulfur, 65% aluminum
5% KMnO4, 40% sulfur, 55% aluminum

Separately spread permanganate and sulfur, and then mix thoroughly. Finally stir in powdered aluminum and shake the mixture well as in a plastic bottle. But do it carefully. Other than powdered aluminum, do not use bad it burns. The ratios vary in length combustion mixture. You could say that the less oxidant (permanganate) there you, the slower the reaction proceeds. Tho can be successfully used in a variety of pyrotechnic effects (fountains, firecrackers or vice versa).

Lightning composition

BaO2 55%, 10% aluminum, 35% magnesium

Lightning composition is derived from the flash (which is kind of a lightning fold). With this experience I have but better because it has a stronger effect. For beginners, however, are made as flash as permanganate, aluminum and sulfur You can get more easily than BaO2. As always, mix and wipe separately. Finally, mix and enjoy externally ;-) This is the word: D


25% Aluminum, 75% Iron Oxide

There is nothing to explain - use only powdered aluminum. With the aluminotermii (used in metallurgy to obtain precious metals) mixture after ignition (if you do snatch, bitch, burn a magnesium strip or the burner) develops a temperature up to 3500 ° C, so it is probably unnecessary to say: "Beware of fingers ". This will at ignition middle finger number is likely to evaporate: D

Dýmovnicová composition

KClO3 20%, 50% NH4Cl, 10% charcoal, 20% Naphthalene
45% KNO3, 45% powdered sugar, 10% Baking soda
65% of black gunpowder, 35% powdered sugar

Safflower composition

60% Ba (NO3) 2, 30% aluminum, 10% Sulfur

Source: Chemistry for All - Pyrotechnics

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