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White smoke + test

Author: Dudakhonza

Bringing an article about white smoke bombs, which are probably the most widely used especially in airsoft, paintball and other MIL-SIM games.

I did not test composition with organic dyes (not so much used and because of the high prices) and naphthalene - they are for some time appear in a new section of black smoke, but I do not think it will be sooner than a few months - not time. Furthermore, the composition containing realgar or liquid tar and the like, as it is quite a challenge to get all the substances used, in the last row composition of high fructose corn syrup, sorbitol and honey, as they are quite expensive and give the same smoke formation to replace sugar in combination with a suitable flame retardant.

Which composition do not use

Of all the commonly used folds are definitely the most powerful compound type HC, but it is difficult to ignite due to a high content of volatile hydrocarbon is almost impossible to keep, so not ideal for standard use.

After testing all folds are normally recommended first bring those which are widely used but are insufficient smoke formation.

In the first place these are all types of dry mixtures based xNO3 + sugar (sometimes even fire retardant - baking soda, CaCO3) and composition-based black powder (xNO3 + sulfur + charcoal) with additives, as they all burn at high temperatures and smoke rises up immediately without the ability to hide anything.

Furthermore, I do not recommend smoke xNO3 + sugar with oil, as they have a tendency to catch enough flame and success depends on the use of oil - the vast majority except maybe převodovkových is inappropriate and gear are very expensive.

Last, you decide to join improper mixtures are xNO3 + sugar melted dry, because there's a big enough risk for the production and calm myself sprinkle ashes on his head and admit a mistake - in the beginning I also trivial errors due to poor temperature heating a batch of burned and believe that it is not ideal either in the open air, on those who speak it cooks at home.

That compose use

And now to what I've used my best - I will give three possibilities to produce powders, of which the first two are easy to raw materials, but have other drawbacks, the third is absolutely perfect in every way.

Total OK alloys are based wax / paraffin xNO3 + + sugar - the smoke is thick and sticks to the ground, but not recommended as a source TESCO paraffin candles that are made with the addition of paraffin oil (this is logical for oil candles) smoke and smoke bombs of the paraffin is a total failure. You must use paper or other pipe which neprohoří and make a plaster nozzles, otherwise the mixture catch fire. The very best is beeswax, but comes out quite expensive. I use melted because the wax is shaved in quantity really hell of a job, but in dry powders can give more wax and burn in less time, but not use NaNO3 - Folder catch fire.

Fold the melted wax

KNO3 40%
NaNO3 40%
Sugar 40% / 35%
Paraffin 20% / 25%

Dry composition


Lay without flame retardants

The composition is 65% KNO3 + 35% sugar, add water until a thinner porridge (excess water does not matter, but it is boiled for a long time) and cook until the water boil (mixture stops bubbling). Then perform in any packages, I use thick paper tubes and lights from the center, making it one composition flips CCA5 the second half and covered with smoke and smoke more space. The smoke is not too dense and rapidly de upwards, but these smoke zakouří space really quickly (3 seconds estimate), which is a significant advantage for use in MIL-SIM. Just be careful - smoke size flame and can easily ignite anything.

Secure Folder

And last, I got the most powerful and safest composition - with proper design of the packaging nothing not to light.

The composition is:


Composition is modified, because the basic composition is as an oxidizing agent only KClO3 and composition burns too quickly. The base is a cardboard tube - I use 200g smoke tube with a diameter of 4.5 cm and 400 g 7 cm long with a diameter of 20-25 cm .. On one side of the pipe zasádruje and after hardening of the seal pierced three holes with a diameter of about 1 cm. Around the perimeter of smoke drill an additional 8 holes and fix it is with adhesive tape. On the other hand pour composition and pushing during pouring. When stuffed all components, compacted to the 3 crumpled handkerchiefs (absorbs moisture from the plaster) and we will create a plaster seal. You can also use wooden packing laced with the help of screws, which suits me personally more - seals may be shorter (3 cm) and smoke are much lighter, but not everyone has a handy ideally thick dry trees or even a wood lathe. This composition is probably the best of all commonly used, I highly recommend it.

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